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Dr. Joseph Uyeda

Dr. Joe Uyeda graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1989.

In private practice since 1991, Dr. Uyeda continues to specialize in contact lenses and family eye care, including glaucoma care.


Spring 2013

I admit that I procrastinate keeping this part of the website updated. My delayed responsibility is fed by so many new things that distract me.

Here’s a summary of what’s new:
Favorite TV addictions are “Survivor Man” and anything ‘NFL’. There are new wrinkles on my face to match my new hairline. I got a new ski jacket because I got a new body shape. There is new paint and decor in our office.

It’s fun to talk about a few of the things that are new. But what makes a lasting impact are the things that remain a constant. I am thankful for the simple treasures of a loving wife and two sons; and a superb staff to work with each day.

We’ve discovered that the recipe for great meals, eclectic playlists and faithful relationships each involve a healthy portion of the constant (classic; traditional) seasoned with an accent of the new.

Your continued trust in our practice is appreciated whether you’ve been a part of our patient family for decades or only a few years. We look forward to your next visit.


Spring 2010

Dear Patient Family,

Thank you for your continued support and trust in me and my staff as we begin to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our practice. We appreciate your confidence and investment in our relationship.

Amy and I are busy mastering the space and time continuum to attend and watch our two teenage sons participate in basketball games, soccer games, tennis matches and wrestling meets. We are cherishing the time we have to spend together as a family, and realizing that we are blessed to enjoy hiking, canyoneering, skiing, basketball and dining together.

While many of my peers occupy their time away from work with books and training for races, I do NOT. I have come to the realization that I have been emotionally scarred from my adolescence and consider reading and running as punishment. In my mid-life, I have instead taken to reading the subtitles to movies and training to remain as still as possible to avoid any injury.

Although, we would have nothing in common if you are reading literature about running, we probably do have at least a common goal of setting goals. And so, I continue to strive to meet my goal of losing five pounds in seven years.. I have only eight more pounds to go!


Dear Patient Family,
(from 2005)...

My wife, Amy and I, will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary this year and we're still chasing our 2 sons (Jake, 10; Andy, 8). The boys are busy with soccer, karate, school and building whatever can be constructed out of paper cups, tape and toilet paper.

Here's what's new:
*After a long hiatus and some new strings, I've picked up my 12-string guitar again. *We purchased a treadmill to support our hobby of collecting calories. Our TV viewing has changed from cartoons and quiz shows to home improvement, restaurant guides and "Smallville." *And I'm still playing basketball once in a while at my church. I used to consider it a "good" night when I'd score on my opponent, then it was a "good" night when I would at least play enough defense to keep my opponent close. Now it's a "good" night if I don't get hurt and can walk the next day.

So, if you see my limping, it may not be because I've gained a few pounds and refused to stop my steady diet of cheeseburgers and Italian beefs. It is probably because the guy I was playing in basketball fouled me in the lane.. at least that's what I'm telling my wife.

Dr. Radhika B. Patel

Dr. Patel grew up in Indianapolis and then attended Loyola University Chicago for her undergraduate studies. She graduated cum laude from Illinois College of Optometry with a Bachelor's Degree in Vision Science along with her Doctorate of Optometry in 2013.

Along with comprehensive eye care, she specializes in pediatric examinations, treatment and management of ocular disease and specialty contact lens fittings.


I first met Dr. Uyeda through the Illinois Optometric Association where I served as the president for the North Suburban Society. Later, I found out that we also happen to be neighbors! I started at his practice in July 2017 and being the huge ‘foodie’ I am, I knew that an office with restaurant menus as wall decor was one of the clues that this practice would be the perfect fit for me.

I grew up in an all natural, Ayurvedic-influenced lifestyle so I often integrate that approach when treating my patient’s eye and whole body wellness. I am a firm advocate that lifestyle changes stem from proper patient education and therefore feel strongly about preventative health care versus reactive.

I currently reside in Skokie with my husband, Kunal. We enjoy traveling together and trying new restaurants. I love to cook (when I actually have the time and ingredients), and hope to create my own food blog one day. Hiking and biking are newly founded passions of mine, and we try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.